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Fight if you can. Hide if you can't. But nothing will stop the dead.

Fear rules the world. The dead swarm the cities of land and sky alike. They roam, endlessly searching for living flesh to consume, fueling a hunger that can never be sated. As the world falls apart, a few brave men and women continue to fight and plan for a future that looks increasingly dim.

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About Tales of the Automazombs

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Tales of the Automazombs is a collection of short horror adventures set in a steampunkesque world. This means it draws inspiration from the Victorian Era but with certain technological advancements. There are, of course, airships and funky goggles, but the world of Eysan also has Automazombs.

What is an Automazomb, you ask? Imagine a shambling corpse, augmented with mechanical limbs, whose task is to devour plague-infected flesh. The Automazombs are the creation of the Inventors Guild as a last resort to combat a plague that threatens all of civilization.

In this first book in the series, the plague casts a dire shadow across the continent. From the arctic reaches of Irenorn, to the sparse canyonlands of Beskra, all the way to the magnificent floating city of Caelspyr, desperate citizens do what they must to survive.

Each story centers around different characters and countries. These characters deal with the plague, the Automazombs, and the more human dangers of a world on the brink. While some wish only to survive, others are determined to do all they can to help, and there are always a few who seek to use this disaster to their advantage.

About the Authors

Flourish Toni Johnson grew up adoring all things science fiction and fantasy, and loves to geek out about her favorite comics, games, movies, and books. It's no surprise that her own writing is in the speculative genres. For more of her work, please visit her blog at

You'll find her living deep in a forest in Chicagoland with her husband and daughter, where they play fun games like "don't eat deer poop" and "watch out for poison ivy."

She creates the Automazombs comics and wrote these stories:

Victoria Bitters has been a scribbler of macabre tales since she was a kid. She is a Chicagoland librarian and practices other deadly arts, too.

These are the stories she wrote for the first book in the series:

Jessica L. Lim is a wandering teacher who has taught in Japan, England, and many counties in the Chicagoland area. She would love to bring back Firefly and is the proud owner of a budgerigar named Tiger.

She wrote this story for the first book in the series:

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As a historian of the Order of Scholars, Liridon MaRaukna travels the world to observe and learn. His notebook is a trove of current and historical Eysan wisdom. Liridon's notes are a good place to start if you wish to learn more about this world.

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