Liridon's Notes

The Gods of Eysan

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It often amazes me how little people know of the gods they believe in. Growing up Aadoburi myself, I was taught to mind all the gods equally. But many of Eysan follow only one deity, and are ignorant of all others. This is how I typically teach the basics to those who ask. Yes, I am aware this is not typically a duty for a historian, but how can I stand idly while there is knowledge to be shared?

The first two gods were Grandmother Rau-cilla and Grandfather Q'ua. Chaos and Order. The two were constantly at odds. Rau-cilla sang the sky into being and called him D'alor. Jealous, Q'ua took his magic pen and wrote the words to create the land and named her Eyso.

Grandmother Chaos could not understand Q'ua, and her wildness refused to give her peace until she knew why Order was so different from herself. And so, she spoke Ontaakh - the patron god of my Order - into being. The god of knowledge tried to comprehend the divide between Order and Chaos, Q'ua wrote Ahmetz, god of justice, to life to stop what must never be known.

Those four gods - land and sky, knowledge and justice - were the only directly created by Grandmother Chaos and Grandfather Order. The remaining gods - those of fire, water, war, peace, business, fate, the afterlife, and the trickster god - are all the products of the four children of Chaos and Order. It was Ananya the Trickster who finally bridged the two opposing forces.

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