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The Inventors Guild

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The Inventors Guild is an organization comprised of several maker and scientific groups, working together for the good of all citizens of Eysan. It has tentative relationships with the governments of Teraltis, Aadobur, and Shunnira, while remaining independent from all three.

There are several other guilds, but the Inventors Guild is far and away the most well-known. Its history is a subject of much debate. The inventors and the hydraulicists have a legitimate claim as being the first of the maker groups. The Crafters Guild may have predated all others, but since they are now considered part of the quite separate Artificers Guild, the inventors concluded that it doesn't count.

Regardless of its beginning, the Inventors Guild is now the emperor of all guilds. They organized the makers in a way no one had dreamed before, for the purpose of building the floating cities. Beyond that ambitious project, the groups gained much from working closely together: new contracts, information, and resources. The various guilds saw such benefit from the Inventors leadership that they agreed to become sub-guilds within the Inventors Guild.

The Inventors Guild quickly became seen as the source of all mechanical advancement and scientific expertise. However, in recent years, I've heard many disparaging the "tinkerers" who created the Automazombs.

Here is the current organization of the Inventors Guild:

  • Inventors - The administrators of the Guild. They involve themselves in politics and high society for the purpose of procuring funds and contracts. They organize cross-guild projects. Some even architect the machinery and systems for contracts, then built by the other guilds.
  • Engineers - They began with engines but now build all manner of machines large and small.
  • Mechanics - This group is an offshoot of the engineers. They tend to be concerned with upkeep and maintenance of Guild machines.
  • Chemists - There are many specialties within this group. Some only work with pyrotechnics and demolitions, other with liquid fuel concepts, and more still in applications for biology (and pathology).
  • Aethericists - These experts all types of gaswork used to be chemists, until the floating cities relied so heavily on gases that these specialists became a sub-guild of their own.
  • Hydraulicists - They are responsible for much in our modern world, including the irrigation systems of Teraltis. Cooperation with the engineers brought about steam powered machines.

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