Liridon's Notes

The Order of Scholars

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All of the Orders are professional groups that serve a particular god. The Order of Scholars, naturally, follow Ontaakh, the god of knowledge. Because of this, many libraries are also temples. The largest of these is the Grand Library in the Beskra Canyonlands. It is the place I will always call home, though my travels may never bring me back there again.

The Scholars are divided into three specialties. Scholars are the defacto leaders of the Order, as they were the first. Their mission is to study and share knowledge with the world. They are teachers and advisors, though some take a more hands-on approach and become doctors or politicians.

The second specialty is the archivists. They tend the libraries - caring for temple and collections alike. They are spiritual leaders, guiding worshipers in prayer and spreading the teachings of Ontaakh.

Historians make up the third specialty. This is my chosen path. Out duty is to be agents of Ontaakh, collecting knowledge so that future generations may use them to learn. We are encouraged to write as well as gather items of wisdom and worth.

Now, these specialties are not chosen right away. Any who wish to join the Scholars begin as a potential. This is a sort of interview process, where the potential proves their love of learning. Time spent at a university helps, along with a donation of a book to the library. Once one is accepted into the Order of Scholars, they become a novice. The libraries are usually flooded with these eager minds. Their task is to study, and choose one of the three paths to follow.

Once a specialty is chosen, a novice moves up through the ranks of their path. This is always the same: associate to adept to master. One can spend years, even decades moving up these ranks. Arm bands are given to these members, based on their specialty. Archivists have blue and silver, historians are orange and copper, and scholars take yellow and gold.

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